Clinic of Chronic and Lifestyle Diseases

A comprehensive response to health problems affecting people in the 21st century. It aims to help people affected by chronic and lifestyle diseases, as well as to share knowledge about health prevention and raise awareness about pr​oper nutrition, supplementation, and exercise. We want to make sure that those who put trust in us will enjoy good health for many years. See more.



The Clinic project, carried out within a newly established special purpose vehicle using more than ten years of experience and in cooperation with Invex Remedies, is a comprehensive response to health problems affecting people in the 21st century. It aims to help people affected by chronic and lifestyle diseases, as well as to share knowledge about health prevention.



As the Clinic is based on the premise that at least one of the following 4 factors:


Lack of essential nutrients in the body, mainly minerals, vitamins, amino acids, or water.


An excess of a particular nutrient or toxic substance, like heavy metals, environmental toxins, or estrogens, including synthetic estrogens.


Disturbances in the flow of information in the body caused by a particular condition, often including spinal injuries.


Mental or emotional disorders


  • Q4 2021 – Q4 2022 Stage One:

    Recruitment of the team 

    Room adaptation and start-up of Diagnostic Department

    Adaptation of the premises and start-up of Therapy Department

    Purchase of equipment

    Collection of data necessary to create a smart diagnosis system

  • Q1 2023 – Q4 2024 Stage Two:

    Follow-up recruitment

    Adaptation of the premises and start-up of Training Department 

    Adaptation of the premises and start-up of the Research and Development Department

    Implementation of GLP system (Good Laboratory Practice) 

    Purchase of additional equipment

    Launch of AI-based diagnostic system and accompanying applications

  • Q1 2025 Stage Three:

    Search for locations for new branches (Monaco, Los Angeles, Dubai, Hong Kong)

    Acquisition of franchise operators 

    Creation of scientific publications in the field of senescent cell elimination

Functions of the various departments of the Clinic:

1. Diagnostics Department
Anamnesis and physical examinations performed by specialized physicians:

    • Internist,
    • Diabetologist,
    • Nephrologist,
    • Endocrinologist,
    • Orthopaedist,
    • Psychologist.

Additional testing using:
Blood and body fluid analysis,
Elemental hair analysis,
Magnetic resonance imaging,
The Diagnostics Department will determine the patient’s actual condition, prescribe traditional treatment for acute cases, and recommend therapy in the Therapeutic Department.

2​. Therapeutic Department
Thanks to the diagnosis obtained in the previous department, the specialists will be able to determine and deal with the causes of the given disorders. Strong emphasis will be placed on restoring the mineral and hormonal balance of the body. The department offers a multi-level approach, drawing on the expertise of:

  • A clinical nutritionist,
  • Psychologist,
  • Physiotherapist,
  • Chiropractor,
  • Cosmetologist.

Thetapies will be provided in the following areas:
Diet Therapy, with the emphasis on:
Food allergies,
Detoxification of the body,
Caloric balance,
Elimination of industrial food, toxic food, food based on simple carbohydrates, highly processed food, and trans fats.
Psychotherapy, focusing on reaching out and relieving stress, trauma, and anxiety,
Endocrine and cardiovascular revitalization through regulation of blood parameters such as glucose, insulin, leptin, ghrelin, testosterone and other sex hormones, triglycerides, homocysteine, and others
Physiotherapy, including:
Postural, spinal, and corset muscle therapy to eliminate information flow disorders between the brain and various organs,
Personal training based on strength training, fitness training, and stretching adapted to health conditions of patients.

Cryotherapy, which is a complement to physiotherapy and a method of regeneration of brown adipose tissue,
Hydrotherapy, with particular emphasis on:
Relaxation baths,
Detoxification baths,
Supplementation bath
Manual therapy including massage to map the body in terms of body condition, tissue quality, presence of spurs, scars, calluses, etc.,
Aesthetic medicine and skincare treatments,
Use of dedicated products manufactured exclusively for the Clinic – including dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetics, and beauty treatments.

3. Training Department
The Training Department educates Patients on conscious and independent functioning after therapy.
Classes conducted by doctors, therapists, and scientists will include:
Meal preparation – ability to compose self-prepared meals using caloric requirement calculations, selection of macro and micronutrients, taking into account age, physical and intellectual activity, current health status, season.
Selection of supplementation with consideration of age, physical and intellectual activity, current state of health, season.
Physical training.
Breathing techniques.
Relaxation techniques.
Reorganization of one’s environment regarding the use of daylight and artificial light, avoidance of excessive electromagnetic radiation, use of cosmetics and household chemicals.
Healthy selfishness.

4. Research and Development Department
The Research and Development Department will function to:
– Analyze data to optimize therapy.
– Develop new products, treatments, and therapeutic methods.
– Research on new curations and treatments according to GCP (Good Clinical Practice) standards.
– Publicize research results in the scientific and general press, accessible to everyone.
– Publicize patent applications.